Partner Benefits

Deafsourced is a nonprofit organization dedicated to ensuring our Deaf media empowers our communities. Do you provide Deaf News? We want you to succeed and grow!

General Benefits

Content sharing and syndication
We share and syndicate your content with our other members to help expand the reach and impact of your news.

Content promotion
We will promote your stories on our partner websites, social media, email lists, and more.

We will be offering regular online training sessions.

Community Benefits

Our programs are designed around our members. We work to build a Deaf Media community that collaborates, partner and advances our common goals.

Newsletters, Mailing list and Chats
We have regular newsletters sent out to our members, a community mailing list and dedicated Slack chatroom channels for our members.

Media Network
We encourage collaboration between our members, and specially designed our Media Partner Network program to foster these ties.

Support Services

Third-party resource and tools
Need help finding a resource? Need discounts? We’ve got that.

Paid services
We can give you even more help. Our support services are designed to provide extra help when you need it.

Specialised Support
Need specialised help? We can get you in touch with experts.
We work with several Deaf businesses (DeafMade, et al) to provide services. We also work with various specialist organizations such as the Institute for Nonprofit News.

And more…
We will be regularly adding membership services as our capabilities allow. Contact us to see what else we can do.