Partner Network

The most valuable resource Deafsourced provides is not us, but our members. Our member support network is designed to help our members gain from each others skills and abilities. Each member can offer specific services to other members, and request other services as needed.

This should be a fair exchange of support and services. We will leave it on an honor system for the time being, but we can provide specific rules for how services will be credited if needed.

What this Network does:

Deafsourced will be working on the ideas of “Network Weaving”. Within this program, we will only guide and lead, we will not provide any services ourselves. We will be a catalyst to help members organize themselves, and find the issues and answers between themselves.

We will:

  • Connect members, and reveal common ties and needs
  • Boost opportunities for members to work with each other
  • Encourage joint projects, or support projects between members.
  • Provide a support ‘exchange’ program.

What we will do:

  1. Each member will fill out a survey. This will list their focuses, abilities, interests, needs and what they can offer.
  2. This will be used to create a ‘network map’. This map will be use to find, create and encourage additional ‘links’ (introductions, collaborations, etc.) to be created between organizations with similarities.
  3. Will will have a ‘support exchange’ program. We will have a reference form listing services organizations are willing to offer, and what they need. Members are encouraged to provide support to other members every so often. In exchange they can ask for support for their own needs in other areas. A big priority will be given to participants who are newly starting their efforts. 
  4. We will have regular networking meetings, both online, and in person at conferences. These meetings will be designed exclusively to build, reinforce ties between members, and help address needs.