Welcome To DeafSourced Media

Our Mission

DeafSourced strongly believes that a community only functions through collaborative acts. We strive to partner with a wide range of Deaf communities to help reflect the great diversity and interests of our Deaf community itself.

We want to empower every Deaf source. We work tirelessly to support and promote every Deafsource however possible. As a nonprofit organization, this is our only mission.

We will work with Media organizations, local community media, community organizations, special interest groups, non-profits, freelancers, bloggers, and everyday Deaf citizens. If you represent our Deaf community in some way, and want to Deafsource your news, we want to work with you.



We work with our partners to amplify your stories and connect your needs with your solutions.


We provide multiple communication channels for members to connect and interact


 Need administrative, financial or technical support? We are there for you.