About us

DeafSourced is a collaboration between our Deaf communities. Our Media Network is a collaboration between different Deaf media sources. Our members are deaf organizations, local deaf communities, and local and special interest deaf news sites among others.

This network is about supporting and enhancing the capabilities of our local deaf news services in order to help our local Deaf Communities thrive. Since the purpose of this is to help all of us, the nature of this network can and will change based on how we can best address the needs of our local Deaf communities. Please give us your feedback and support.

Our goal:

Promote journalism as a means to empower our Deaf communities.

Our Mission:

Deafsourced works to strengthen news by for and of our Deaf communities. We provide the tools, platforms and services for greater community information, engagement and collaboration in our Deaf communities. We believe that our collaboration strengthens all of us, and our communities.

How we do it: 

  • Empower communities to better communicate internally and externally.
  • Help deaf news sites identify and use strategies and best practices needed to thrive and succeed.
  • Leverage combined efforts of members to increase our capabilities.