Deafsourced Statement of Vision and Goals


Deafsourced works to strengthen news by for and of our Deaf communities. We provide the tools, platforms and services for greater community information, engagement and collaboration in our Deaf communities. We believe that our collaboration strengthens all of us, and our communities.

“But to get there, the [media] ecosystem needs help as does everyone in it. Its members must start by aiding each other, by collaborating to do more together than each could do apart, thus finding efficiency; by concentrating on what each does best and thus improving the quality of that work; by sharing generously. These, too, are new skills for news people who have been accustomed to operating inside their moats, behaving competitively and secretly.” — Jeff Jarvis


Operating Principles:

  • Partners will work by with and for the benefit of the deaf community. That is our source, and our strength. 
  • Deafsourced is a cooperative membership organization. 
  • Our programs and services will be designed on the basis of the needs and requests of partners. 
  • Deafsourced will foster collaboration between partners. Partners will operate on the principle of sharing and cooperation between each other. We will provide means to help share content between members. 
  • Partners should ideally provide services to other partners  in the spirit of collaboration. 
  • Deafsourced will work to help recruit, grow and train new Deaf media sources to support diverse deaf communities. 
  • Deafsourced  will aim to support members’ administrative, financial and legal wellbeing via individual and collective services. (Ex: business, legal or financial advice, training et al)